How to improve the health of a child with a balanced diet

. To begin with, you need to agree on your diet with time when your baby is feeding. If the child takes food not at the request, but accordingly time within every 3-4 hours, you can have a bite to eat either until you start feeding, or after this process.  Thanks to this, gradually, you will learn to eat more regularly and no longer because it is necessary, but for the simple reason that you will get used to it. . Instead of neglecting this meal, think about it first and prepare something that you can take with you.

. An ideal option in this case can be a sandwich. But do not use the usual ingredients, type, oil, cheese and sausage. Better, and most importantly, it will be much more useful to use grain bread, lean meat or fish, fresh vegetables and salad leaves. Experiment, because it is not only useful, but also insanely tasty. Use the “gifts” of summer to the full. After all, there is nothing easier than washing and taking fresh berries, vegetables or fruits with you. You can quench your hunger in the period if you simply did not have time for cooking.

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