How to make a postcard with your Great: Stages

A postcard made by your own hands is a cute and non -binding gift that you can please your lover when you want it, even without a special occasion.

If your young man loves to read or often has to work with various documents, the original postcard with a small bookmark will be a great idea for a presentation. It is noteworthy that it is done very easily and quickly, so any girl who is poorly familiar with needlework can cope with this task.

For the future product, you will need the following items:

– a piece of felt or felt for the heart (not necessarily red, you can take any other);

– thick needle;

– white thread reel;

– large decorative paper clip – colored, golden or silver;

– a few English pins;

– scissors;

– pencils or markers with which you can apply a pattern on the fabric;

– sharp scissors;

– transparent glue with a liquid consistency;

– The basis for a postcard made of white soft cardboard size is 14×14 cm (hand -drawn hand or already a ready -made template printed on a printer).

Production process.

Fold the piece of felt or felt in half, fix it using pins and draw a heart of heart on one side. From both layers, cut the figure so that you get two identical hearts.

Slender the contour of one of the hearts with a white thread (the seam can be any, the main thing is that it is well noticeable), tie a knot from the wrong side at the end of the work.

Put the paper clip on the second heart and gently glue it, applying only glue to the center of the figure so that it does not flow beyond its limits. On the other side of the paper clip, glue the second heart that you sutured.

You can do it a little differently: immediately glue two hearts and a paper clip with each other, and then make a seam along the edges of both pieces of fabric, additionally fastening them with each other.

The design of the cardboard base of the postcard can be any: cute picture, wish, etc.D. .

In the middle of the base, make a linear section about 2 cm long and insert a clip into it so that it is visible on the front side. If the paper clip can go out a little beyond the edges of the postcard – there is nothing wrong with that.

That’s all, the original product made with soul and love is ready, and you can present a gift to the addressee!

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