The causes of stress and sleep disturbance

What woman does not want to look always young and beautiful. But sometimes nervous stresses, sleep disturbances, problems on work lay an imprint on its appearance. As a result, disgusting dark circles are formed under the eyes. Of course, this situation is extremely unpleasant, so every woman should know how to save her sweet face from dark circles.

First of all, it is necessary to find out the reason that in this case there are plenty:

– age -related changes. As a rule, with age, the skin of the face loses its strength and is simply exhausted, due to this, blood vessels located right under the eyes become more noticeable.

– heredity. Many women have vessels very close to the skin. And since the skin under the eyes is the most delicate and thin, such an unpleasant effect of dark circles is revealed.

– overwork. Due to the venous or lymphatic thaws around the eyes, blood circulation in the vessels is disturbed and, as a result, dark circles. Also, the lack of sleep adversely affects the state of the whole organism. Hence the lethargy, pallor and the presence of dark circles appear.

– Diseases. Dark circles under the eyes can talk about the development of kidney disease, heart or poisoning of the whole organism. Therefore, the first thing to urgently needs to do is to see a doctor for advice and if the problem is purely cosmetic, then it can be easily solved with the help of masks, creams or foundation.

To forever solve the problem of dark circles, try to follow some recommendations:

– Install a correct and healthy lifestyle: walk as much as possible in the fresh air, relax and go to bed earlier. Remember that the sleepy woman will always look vigorous and joyful.

– Before going to bed, it is not recommended to consume a lot of liquids. Since excessive consumption can cause swelling, and as a result, dark circles.

 – Regular face masks have a good effect. So emergency assistance can provide ordinary ice cubes or bags of green tea

– And of course bad habits, they need to say a solid “no”. Coffee, alcohol and cigarettes detrimental to the skin of the face, making it sluggish, dull and bring the aging process closer 

B the most important thing: appreciate your beauty, smile as often as possible and enjoy life.

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