Ginger – an effective tool for weight loss

And how is it useful? Yes, you just listen. When taking drinks or dishes with ginger, you accelerate blood through the vessels, accelerate the metabolism. Ginger increases your internal heat. A ginger diet is being built on this. And the useful properties of this root cannot be counted. Its composition is full of organic acids, proteins, carbohydrates, dietary fibers, iron, chromium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins. The aroma of ginger provides essential oil, and his tart taste from gingerod.

There is no ready -made menu in the proposed diet. You can make lists of dishes yourself, but at the same time the rules must be followed. During the day, half an hour before meals, you can drink the recipe for a recipe that we will give below after it. You should have up to two liters of the drink per day. This is one rule. The second is to reduce the calorie content of food. And the third – forget about sweet, salty, smoked, fat.  Without salt, of course, hard. You can salt, but a little.

So, drink. Cut ten roots, chop it, pour seven hundred and fiveth milliliters of boiling water. Let the night stand in the thermos. You can add a little honey, lemon juice to a warm drink. The healing properties of the drink will enhance mint, chamomile, lemon balm, lingonberry leaves.

Here is another recipe. Grind fresh mint leaves with a blender and a little ginger root. You will need to add ground cardamon to them. Pour the mixture with boiling water. Let it stand for thirty minutes. Now add orange, lemon and teaspoon of honey. With such a drink, the diet will turn out to be very tasty and healthy.

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