What to pay attention to during pregnancy

You learned that you are pregnant and do not have the concept of what you need to draw your attention first. First of all, think about the health of your future baby. What depends on the health of your unborn child?

There are some negative factors that can affect the health of the unborn child. Better, find out about them in advance in order to try to exclude the possibility of their appearance.  . Take tests and take examinations in time. .

Without consulting a doctor, do not take chemicals and drugs, since often every pregnant woman takes more than 5 items of medication during pregnancy, and this may harm. During pregnancy, exclude your bad habits, such as smoking and alcohol. Try to worry less in trifles, because stress is very dangerous for pregnant women, and it can lead to miscarriage.

Spend more time in the fresh air, and if you have the opportunity to spend your entire pregnancy in an environmentally friendly area, then be sure to use it, since the influence of the environment directly affects your future baby. The expectant mother should try not to get infectious and viral diseases, so you should protect yourself from drafts and reduce contact with people who are currently sick.

Many mothers think that the unborn child does not hear and does not understand anything, being in his stomach, but this is not so! At 4-5 months of pregnancy, your child begins to realize what is happening in the external environment that surrounds him! .

. In the summer, do not overheat in the sun, strolling, take a hat or panama with you.  ! be happy! Good luck to you!

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