A working team is the second family, how to behave

Where we spend most of the time? Of course, at work! The team involuntarily becomes our second family, with which we are experiencing together, divide sorrows and joys. Often colleagues gather together to celebrate the New Year. .

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Whoever you are, the boss or subordinates, it is better to go to the corporate party, so as not to separate from the team. You need to look at the event at 100%. A thematic party is supposed? Find out all the details, ask your colleagues about their outfits. Otherwise, you risk seeing your dress on another company employee. In order not to spend money, take the outfit for rent. .

Think about the line of behavior at the corporate party. The leading personalities usually sit in their circle, not getting closer to the whole team. . This should not be done even in case of iron self -confidence. Democratic leaders themselves provide “access to the body”, offering subordinates to raise a glass, sing in karaoke, chat on personal topics. In any case, do not be imposed on the boss.

. The bosses are the same people who want to relax and take a break from work. Both with the authorities and the team must communicate respectfully, without familiarity. But “go to Ignor” is also not worth it. And, of course, do not overdo it with alcoholic beverages. .

Well, most importantly: do not forget to have fun, because the New Year is a festival of magic, do not overshadow it with excess anxiety.

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