A resort called a mermaid what is

The resort called Rusalkaraprav was in the picturesque forest Tauk Liman. Like the numerous resorts of this country, the mermaid is located in a small village. Here is quite comfortable and good. Beach, forest, mountains, a small mountain river, beautiful buildings and much more that can still be required for a high -quality and good rest?

Not far from the resort are the hills of Kaliaakar and Aylanta. They became famous at the expense of their forest, in which you can find many rare species of trees. In addition, a wide variety of birds lives here, which can constantly be seen above the hills.

The mermaid is a rather popular place in Bulgaria, which is developing rapidly. Just a couple of years ago, there was a local resort that could be offered for its visitors only a small beach, a wooden hotel and a couple of restaurants. And what is the situation at the moment? At the moment, the mermaid is not inferior to many well -known resorts in the world. Today there is everything that may be required for a great rest. That is why, more and more travelers are preferred by the resorts of the country, including the resort of the mermaid.

But, it is worth noting that this resort is intended not only for relaxation and all kinds of entertainment, the resort of the mermaid can provide visitors with various wellness sanatoriums and boarding houses, where you can improve or cure almost all famous diseases. Many people go to these places for treatment, since it is quite comfortable and good – fresh air, fantastic natural landscapes, emerald sea, excellent service and excellent care, which is still required for a modern traveler?

Rest on the territory of Bulgaria, namely in a resort called Rusalka, is an excellent choice for the rest of the family. Having visited the places once, you will definitely want to return here again. So if you are still in thought where to go on your vacation with the whole family, it is worth stopping at this resort.

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