How to cook watermelon and melons

Jam can be prepared from everything! And these are not only the sweet berries and fruits known to us. Jam can be prepared even from vegetables and flowers!

He will need a kilo of apples, a couple of kilos of sugar and water . . . While the apples dry out, weld the syrup. When he boils, pour apples with syrup. . Then we drain the syrup, boil it again, and then again pour it into apples. .

Watermelon or melon jam

Kilogram of watermelon-yard pulp, 1 kg of sugar, lemon, water.

. . . . Cook everything on a soft fire until the mass thickens.

Pink jam


. Pour half a pound of sugar to the petals and leave for a couple of days. Mix the remaining sugar with lemon juice and water to make a syrup. . The whole mass needs to be boiled on low heat until the jam is thick.

Sugar walnuts


We clean the noted walnuts of the yet ripened walnuts and soak for a couple of days. Water should be cold, change three times daily. After two days, drain ordinary water and pour lime solution (half a kilo of lime and 5 l of water). . . Rinse the nuts under running water, pierce it several times with a fork, soak again in the water for two days. . Pour water, add sugar syrup, cloves, lemon juice. Boil the mixture, remove from the burner, cool. We repeat this procedure three times. And then boil over low heat again.  The procedure, of course, is long, but the result is worth it. Bon appetit!

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