How to raise a child at 3 years: overcoming the first crisis

Most often, several months that have been coming for three years in the baby, for parents become simply incredibly difficult. What is happening? At this time, the psychological called “crisis of the third year” begins so psychological. At this time, it is very important to understand that the baby’s sense of his own “I” begins to form, strong -willed qualities and self -esteem begins to be developed gradually.

Parents in this difficult period should understand that this is not just some difficult time that needs to be survived and endured, but that at this time your child is experiencing serious changes in the psyche that cannot be underestimated. All three factors of the formation of self -esteem, their own “I” and volitional qualities – all these are the result of these changes. Such processes do not occur freely and painlessly. Parents need to remember and be prepared for the fact that this period will be not easy. Sometimes even this crisis is compared with the birth of a child and called the “second birth”. This period is characterized by some models of behavior. Parents may notice that their child becomes less sensitive to ordinary external stimuli. It can be objects, toys, classes, words of parents. It may also seem that the baby regresses, perhaps, a step lower in age development, but it only seems.

Thus, your baby has psychological protective mechanisms. The baby’s psyche is rebuilt and spends too many resources on new formations. So the appearance of his own “I” is possible only if the child will mentally begin to separate from the image of the parents, begins to contrast himself. And the fact that your child will begin to be capricious and show negative emotions will change his behavior, is just the signs of a “crisis of three years”. Be sure that at these moments the baby is experiencing, natural changes in the psyche and is self -determined.

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