How to arrange a child’s birthday holiday

Often the child feels that his birthday is not with him, but just in the family some kind of holiday, when many unfamiliar adults come to visit and parents are preparing a feast for them. This style of the children’s birthday is almost not relevant. And so, your child’s birthday is a holiday for the child and his friends.

For a long time in adulthood, he will recall his first “real” birthdays to which his friends were invited. Go to the preparation of the holiday with all responsibility and practicality characteristic of adults, but do not forget that only your baby can tell you about children’s dreams, so let him decide to invite whom to his birthday and let him tell you what the holiday of his dreams looks like.

Adults who want to spend an excellent birthday of a child should recall the time when they themselves were a child. How did you imagine your holiday? Obviously, you did not have the first place of a wide variety of dishes and drinks. It is important that children are interested in together – this is not a problem for friends, if they feel free, do not feel obsessive control by adults. But a festive cake with traditional candles is always and will be a traditional attribute of a successful birthday of a child. Of course, the plan will come true, because the child firmly believes in it!

If your baby has a birthday for the summer, then you can offer him a wonderful picnic in the country or in the forest, if the weather allows.

Better prepare for the holiday in advance. For example, a couple of weeks before the birthday. Consider the number of guests so that there are boys and girls.  It is desirable that the child invite real friends to his holiday. It will be easier for you if your birthday is transferred on a day off, but once a year you can settle your work schedule for such an important event. Let the child tell your friends about the holiday in 4-10 days so that they can prepare.

On the birthday, you definitely need to decorate your apartment before the arrival of the guests. To do this, use all sorts of balls, colored garlands, funny posters, photographs of paper and fresh flowers -all that will create an atmosphere of fun for a children’s holiday. Dishes for the children’s table should be accordingly not too sharp or extravagant, as well as originally decorated. How to drink a drink to children juice or compote. May there be no glass of glass in the nursery on this day, for example, your family vase. Invent contests for children, but more often small pancakes themselves will find something to do with themselves.

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