How to make delicious snacks for the first picnic

Summer is the time of picnics, but you just don’t always know what to cook for this same picnic. Of course, no one canceled barbecue, but besides this dish on the improvised table should be snacks. .

. Following this trend, you can cook very tasty and original dishes.

Shotland eggs

We will need eggs of quails, pork minced meat, chicken eggs, ordinary refined oil, a couple of cloves of garlic, crackers for panning, as well as spices and salt.

The eggs need to be boiled, and the minced meat is mixed with garlic (finely chopped), season with mustard and salt. Then we make a cake from minced meat, and place an egg in the center. Now roll the cake into a ball with an testicle in the middle. Beat the chicken egg, dipping the ball into it, and then – in panning crackers. The meat ball needs to be frying for several minutes in oil until there is a golden crust. Serve a snack with your favorite sauce and greens.

Spring crouton

We need French loaf, bell pepper, cheese, butter and dill or parsley.

We cut the loaf of small sizes in pieces, rub the cheese on a fine grater, and cut the pepper with a small cube, cut the greens. We mix everything except the loaf with oil, put this mass on the loaf, and the loaf is on the baking sheet. Bake a snack for 15 minutes at a low temperature. If possible, it is better to cook this snack right in nature, on a meat grille.

Cheese croutons for beer

The same loaf, 100 ml of light beer, egg, butter, hard cheese, salt, red pepper, a little greenery.

We cut the loaf and fry in oil until a golden crust appears. After the pan, put the oil on the pan, add the cheese, grated, pour beer, salt, pepper and there – yolk. The mass is heated over low heat, and then croutons are covered with it. Then we send bread to the oven for a couple of minutes, after which we generously sprinkle the croutons with greens.

We wish you a pleasant appetite and a cheerful rest!

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