How to organize an unforgettable wedding in India

India is a wonderful and simply amazing country. She fascinates with her original culture. For this reason, the wedding held here is a great option. The atmosphere filling this country will be able to conquer you for life. India is a modern country in which strong traditions of the past are traced.

A lot of travelers prefer to celebrate their celebrations in this country, for example, birthdays, anniversaries and so on. What can help you create a grandiose holiday, which will be remembered for life? What can your wedding be beautiful and unique?

This country is striking in its fantastic beauty. Wedding rites here are traditional, they go their roots in ancient times. These traditions have survived to this day in its original form. A wedding for local residents is an important life event, for this reason all preparations for this event are carried out with maximum thoroughness.

If you decided to hold weddings in India, then you should find an assistant. Since all the nuances and subtleties of the wedding traditions of India are simply unrealistic to find out in a short period of time. Mandatory should be involved in the preparations of a person who is well versed in the traditions of this celebration in India. This is considered the main reason that the wedding in the territory of this country will be a vivid event both in the life of the newlyweds and in the life of their guests.

On the wedding day in the groom’s house, a rite called “Gai-Holud” will take place. This is a kind of ritual that extols the yellow color. This color symbolizes fidelity and sun. The temple in which the celebration will be held will decorate the leaves of palm trees and yellow flowers. The same will be done in the bride’s house. In accordance with ancient traditions, the groom should expect his beloved in order to fulfill the exchange of Shubho-Drishti. It wakes up their first glance. The entire wedding ceremony will be held for three days. At the same time, in this country, the second day is considered to be a day for relaxation.

Wedding in India is a fairly expensive event. Since parents try to demonstrate all their wealth, and boast, in the good sense of the word, before each other. This led to the great popularity of jewelry. In this country, a red bracelet is a symbol of marriage for a girl, it should be worn without fail.

A wedding in this country can take place in different ways. It can be held on the beach, in the temple, or, for example, on elephants. Here everything will depend only on your personal preferences.

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