What is the pride of the resort of Heviz’s Features of the trip

There is a landmark in the West of Hungary, unique and unsurpassed in many respects. That is why, visiting a wonderful European country, you must visit here, combining pleasant with useful. And it is useful – a bath, inhalers and a drinking beet in the open air. Resort and Lake Heviz, known for its healing properties from the XVII in.

Unusual water lilies-a reminder of exotic countries, they were brought from India by a botnik scientist. Over time, the experience was a success, and wonderful plants have taken root in the lake warm waters and became even a visit to the Heviz.

It is located near the famous lake Balaton, 5 km from g.Kesthai.

The largest thermal lake in Europe and the second in the world. Nature skillfully provided for everything necessary for the uniqueness of water and mud. The cycle of complete water renewal in the lake is 28 hours, it is almost always clean. Podozynaya cave with a diameter of 18 m gives the beginning of two thermal springs with a water temperature of +38 ° C and +42 ° C and mineral ( +17OS). There is also constant mixing of water flows. Lake in the form of a funnel with a depth of 2 m. The water temperature regime in the summer reaches 33-35 ° C, in winter it does not fall below +26 ° C, providing comfortable conditions for the adoption of lake thermal baths.

The composition of the therapeutic mud of the Heviza is unique. Bottom silt deposits – sulfide and radon components, biologically active substances, acids, estrogen, sulfur, ammonium, magnesium, bromide, iodide have a beneficial effect on many diseases.

The pride of the resort of Heviz is the method of vertical underwater traction of Karoy Molla, developed by the doctor back in 1953. and since then a leader in the therapeutic techniques of the Heviz. Thanks to modern research, Heviz’s specialists have developed a whole complex of differentiated approaches to use the methodology in each case.

Lake Heviz is surrounded by 50 hectares of the reserved forest, which provides the resort with a healing favorable microclimate.

The spectrum of medical indications for treatment on the lake is quite wide. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system and joint pain, osteochondrosis and polyarthritis, radiculitis and impaired movement functions, blood circulation, gynecological diseases and male dysfunctions.

If you need to heal, gain strength and restore life energy, as well as to have a wonderful time, enjoying the beauty and sights, then the cheviz will certainly help in this.

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