How to behave to parents when a child is cut tooths

This process usually occurs even before you start to notice. Typically, the first teeth begin to cut from 4 to 7 months. First, the first two lower incisors should appear. In a month or there may be two, then 4 upper incisors appear, and then after another month, two more lower. Then root teeth should appear, and behind them – fangs. Although this is a standard picture of the appearance of teeth, it may differ and vary in each child in its own way. How to understand parents that their baby begins to cut their teeth? There are several signs by which this can be set: the child begins to cry, he has an increase in the temperature to 38 degrees, he is more irritable than usual and he has increased salivation. At the same time, the baby pulls in his mouth everything that will only catch his eye and tries to bite everything.

What to do to parents to help the baby and facilitate this process? There are some advice to parents note.

Wash your hands thoroughly and carefully try to massage the baby’s gum with one finger. Some crumbs simply adore at this time to bite solid rubber rings, try buying this to your child, maybe he will help him.  If this does not help, offer him to replace a terry rag, which first must be moistened with cool water. Cool food also helps babies, such as apple puree or yogurt.

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