How does the emotional state of parents affect the health of the child

Based on the results of many studies, we can conclude that the emotional state of parents is directly related to the health of their child. If parents are busy with their business, they are disturbed by some problems, or even they are subject to stress, then the baby feels it on himself, because they pay less attention to him, he is left alone and feels bad from this. At the same time, children often choose the same model of behavior as their parents, and if you do not know how to cope with stress, resort to alcohol help or shout and nervous, most likely your child will behave exactly the same in the future. And vice versa, if you know how to fight problems, your child will not be afraid of difficulties in the future.

The so -called "toxic stress". This is manifested if your child is constantly among bad and negative emotions. Such stress can lead to the fact that he has violated the connection between the brain and neurons. In this case, the child can inadequately behave under the slightest stressful situation. If the child has an increase in the number of stress hormones, then this can lead to the fact that he will have chronic diseases. And with prolonged stress, if the child is in a state of stress constantly, then this may even lead to the fact that he may be damaged areas of the brain that are responsible for memory and training.

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