What is a woman in the modern world

The role of a woman in the modern world has changed a lot, now she does not sit exclusively at home, is not a housewife who does what he does socks and cooks borscht. The determination of our ancestors gave us a chance to be equal with men. Now we can safely study in educational institutions, sit nearby in a bar and speak on political topics. Women went further and took neighboring places near men and with their purely field of activity – business. Of course, stereotypes exist now, men can not come to terms with the fact that a woman can be more successful than them, bring more income, feed her family and manage the team. It is not easy for them to subordinate to a woman, but what can you do, such is their fate.

Greneshina-leader is a far-sighted, brave, strong and smart woman who can put the company’s management on her fragile shoulders and negotiate, make profitable transactions, make a profit and be a worthy competitor.

A business grip, of course, is given not to every woman, someone is born to be a mother and a good mistress, and someone does not see his life without his own career and a successful life. The determination of such women knows no boundaries, they are able to turn the worldview of men and put the world upside down. But, in life, you have to pay for everything, and very often successful and independent women remain alone, without knowing simple female happiness.

The thing is that men are essentially miners, they should feed the family, bring income and solve all vital issues, and the woman should only obey. But a strong, strong-willed woman will not tolerate to live on someone’s pointer and will strive to be a leader. Men respect such women, but at the same time they are afraid of them. A man will not want to live with such a woman, because she will manage him, and this is humiliating for a man. Of course, there is such a type of representative of the stronger sex who needs a strong female shoulder, but for the most part men will not tolerate a self -sufficient and confident woman next to them, who can overshadow them with her authority and success.  Therefore, so often business women live alone.

They live only work, sit in their office for days and nights, conclude transactions and sign contracts, but they are in no hurry home, because no one is waiting for them in a huge empty apartment. Successful and independent women can afford absolutely everything except love. 

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